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Need an Electrician or a quality heating system in Dunedin?

Don't get caught out in the dark and cold ever again!

At Southcool Heatpumps & Electrical, we've been helping individuals and businesses alike throughout Dunedin set up heating system for years. We specialise in heatpump sales, installations, repairs and services; electrical repairs and servicing for new and existing homes and renovations; and ventilation services. We are based in Dunedin, New Zealand and work trough out Otago.

We are:
  • Qualified and Registered Electricians  
  • IQP Registered in Mechanical, Heating and Ventilation
  • Authorised and Trained Heat Pump Installers and Repair Agents

Modern industry

Our trade is constantly changing and evolving, bringing with it new techniques and technology. We remain on the cutting edge of the industry, continuing to find new and innovative ways at doing our job. We provide a service that is constantly improving. 

Ongoing training

We have a dedicated crew of experienced contractors with years of experience. We also believe you never stop learning. That's why we provide all of our staff with ongoing training throughout the year, ensuring we stay up-to-date with technological advances in everything electrical and heating.

Friendly and welcoming

All of our team at Southcool Heatpumps & Electrical are friendly-orientated and welcoming. From our consultants to our contractors, we provide a service that you'll feel at home with. Our passion and drive for our job means you'll get the desired result for your home or office heating system in Dunedin.
family enjoying a quality heating system in Dunedinfamily enjoying a quality heating system in Dunedin
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